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Weekly Media Mix: White House-Brewed Beer and Whoopie Pie Wars

Weekly Media Mix: White House-Brewed Beer and Whoopie Pie Wars

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The biggest food and drink stories of the week.

Arthur Bovino

Weekly Media Mix

The Daily Meal is dedicated to consuming and analyzing the latest food news and trends. Every Friday on The Daily Byte the Weekly Media Mix rounds up some of the week's biggest food news stories from across the country. This week's stories:

• Chicago seeks landmark status for White Castle. [WBEZ]
• Obamas serve homebrewed beer. [Obama Foodorama]
• Dispute over the whoopie pie's origins continues. [NYT]

• Beard House names awards hosts. [GSNY]
• Grant Achatz accuses caterer of plagiarism. [Eater]

• CDC reports that Americans are fatter than Canadians. [NPR]

• Eater kicks off D.C. coverage. [Eater]
• Frommer's names 10 best airport restaurants. [Frommer's]

• A menu featuring toy-made foods. [Salon]
• Stumptown unveils bottled iced coffee. [Imbibe]

• Classic Wines Auction is this weekend. [Eater]

• Arby's VP misrepresents new menu items. [The Observer]

• U.N. reports record high food prices. [HuffPo]
• Record lobster haul leads to reduced prices. [NYT]

The Daily Byte is a regular column dedicated to covering interesting food news and trends across the country. Click here for previous columns.


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