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Skull cake

Skull cake

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Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Whisk the egg whites and then gradually add the sugar and continue beating until it becomes a meringue. Add the yolks and flour mixed with the yeast, stirring from top to bottom, then add the chocolate flakes.

Pour the obtained composition into a tray with a removable bottom lined with baking paper and bake for about an hour until it passes the toothpick test.

In order to be able to make the part where the mouth of the skull is, I also prepared a countertop.


Melt the chocolate on a steam bath together with 200 ml of whipped cream and then refrigerate the composition obtained. Whisk the rest of the whipped cream and then add the chocolate mixture and continue to mix until it hardens.


Boil the sugar with water until it thickens a little and then add the rum essence.


I cut the countertop in three and from the second countertop I cut slices to be able to make the part with the mouth + syrup, cream, the second countertop + syrup, cream, the third countertop + syrup and a thin layer of cream. Then I decorated it with plastic chocolate.

Find out when you need to worry, when you need to take him to the emergency room and in what situations you can treat your child quietly at home, in case of headaches.

1. Don't panic

Even if the blow to the head seems quite serious, don't panic. You will shake your baby even harder. All you have to do is calm yourself and your baby so that you can properly examine the wound and figure out what needs to be done next. Any bleeding from a blow to the head should stop after 10 minutes. If this has not happened, it may take a few stitches, so go to the doctor immediately.

2. Look for the bump

Most often, blows to the head produce bumps. You don't have to worry too much, an ice pack or a cold water compress placed over the blow will soothe the pain and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

3. Know your child

The most important thing is to know how your child reacts to blows. If after a blow to the head you realize that he has a completely different behavior than you were used to (he doesn't stop crying, he has problems coordinating his movements), it is necessary to go to the doctor urgently. Even if you are confused and do not know exactly whether or not he has something, it is best to take him for a check.

Usually, after a blow to the head, children vomit only once. But if this happens again, go to the emergency room. There he will be subjected to tests to make sure that everything is fine.

5. Does he have a red and hot face?

Usually, when they cry, their children's faces turn red and hot. But if these two things persist, and the child has heavy, noisy breathing, it is possible that the intracranial tension has increased. In this situation, go to the doctor immediately. Never forget the rule, when in doubt, go and check.

6. Do you have bruises on your eyes?

A "panda eye" effect can occur after a blow to the head. That means high blood pressure in the skull, so it's time to go to the doctor.

7. Does fluid leak from your nose or ears?

Whether it is clear blood or liquid, do not try to stop this fluid leakage. Put a clean cloth around the affected area and go to the doctor immediately.

8. Did he fall asleep?

If the child falls asleep after a blow to the head, regardless of age, it is not a problem, especially if all the vital signs are normal. But if you can't wake him up, then you have to worry.

9. Has he lost consciousness?

In this case, it goes without saying that you need to call an emergency room. Until then, try to give first aid: clear the airways, check if he is breathing and then turn the child aside.

Chicken breast food with mushrooms

Romanian recipes Archives & # 8211 Romanian recipes & # 8211 Romanian recipes and. Quince Pelta & # 8211 Culinary Recipes with Gina Bradea. I'm going to try the cake in your aunts' notebook, but in the form of. Jams with jam 13 recipes: Fresh croissants with shit or jam, Cornulets with. Baked chicken, stuffed with vegetables, mushrooms and rice & # 8211 Recipes.

Sweet cheese pie & # 8211 Recipes & # 8211 Romanian and. Private brand & # 8211 Another kind of cheese recipe, below. There is no information available for this page.

Everything you need to know about Burr Hole procedures

A hole is a small hole drilled in the skull. Burr holes are used when brain surgery becomes necessary.

In itself, a hole can be a medical procedure that treats a brain condition, such as:

In many cases, wash holes are part of emergency procedures resulting from traumatic injuries and used to:

  • calms the pressure on the brain
  • blood leaks from the brain after a traumatic injury
  • remove the shrapnel or other objects deposited in the skull

Surgeons also use rupture holes as part of a larger-scale treatment process. It may be necessary to:

  • insert a medical device
  • removes tumors
  • biopsy of a brain tumor

Burr pits are a first step towards larger and more complicated brain surgeons. To perform surgery on your brain, surgeons must have access to the soft tissue under the skull. A growth hole creates an entrance that surgeons can use to carefully guide their instruments into your brain.

In some cases, multiple orifices can be placed in different locations on the skull to allow surgeons access to a wider area of ​​the brain.

Although the process of putting a hole in the skull is a delicate one, it is relatively routine.

The Power of Our Prayers for the Sleepy

The pious Macarius the Great, once walking through the wilderness of Egypt, found a human skull. And being enlightened by the Lord, it was revealed to him that he had been a heathen priest, who began to speak and say: When you pray for those who are asleep, the heathen rejoice, and all who labor in hell rejoice. and it is enlightened for the prayers of the earth made with love.

The Power of Prayers for the Sleepy

For the Lord wanted to help those who were asleep, He allowed them to show themselves to the living through dreams and visions. And they, remembering those, should pray for their deliverance from eternal damnation.

About Sheol, or the homes of the dead

Prayer for the sleeping is food, water that cools the heat, and light that illuminates those in the place called Sheol, the Kingdom of Death, or the abode of the dead. Sheol is a word that in the Hebrew Scriptures designates the place where extinct souls or spirits spend their time, awaiting the Resurrection and Judgment of the public.

In Sheol, however, there are two kinds of dwellings of the dead: the dwelling of the saved, and the dwelling of those condemned to eternal death. The first category is also called Abraham's breast, and the second, the lake of fire of hell. We know from the Gospel, as Jesus shows in one parable, that between these two places there is a great, insurmountable chasm. At the resurrection of the Savior, through His descent into hell, Jesus untied the curse of death, broke the bonds of those who were in darkness, and lifted up with Him to heaven all the righteous of the Old Testament, including Adam and Eve, who were saved and forgive through the cross and sacrifice of the Savior.

& # 8220The dead continue to live in remembrance of the living through their good deeds & # 8221

We therefore pray to God, the One who has infinite love, with much faith and hope, to place those whom He has taken in Himself, to place them in the places of rest, where the light of His countenance shines. Those who are asleep are in a state where they can no longer work any good deed for salvation, because the time of their life has passed. That is why they constantly need the help of those on earth to pray for them. As a loving reminder, let them do good deeds in their memory, and let them be received by God on their behalf.

In the Orthodox Church there are daily prayers for the sleeping. Their sins are cleansed by the cleansing blood of Christ. Thus the souls of those asleep rise from death to life and from earth to heaven through prayers made at the Altar of the Lord. The church is therefore a hot mediator for those who are asleep, and a ladder to heaven. The message of the Most Holy Mother of God is also powerful, because we know that Christ receives all the request for forgiveness that comes from His mother.

This is how God cleanses the sleeping for whom the living cry out day and night. God forgives parents for the wickedness of children, and sons for the tears of mothers. The Lord receives our almsgiving and prayers in fulfillment of their good deeds, and with the sighs of the living, fulfills the shortcomings of the dead.

It is fitting, therefore, that we who are alive and remain able to work, remember those who have departed from us, and care for the world beyond the grave to call us more often to prayer, that God may enlighten and to warm the dwellings of those asleep with His love, to erase forever the time of separation from us, and to make us worthy of the joy of meeting them in heaven.

Prayer for the sleeping unties the guarded

There are many testimonies from which we hope that God hears all prayers for those who are asleep and wants to redeem those with our help. A testimony of this kind, from which we learn that the Holy and Divine Liturgy which is celebrated for those who are asleep helps a lot to those souls, is clear from the following story:

He was a man from Cyprus enslaved by the Persians and held in heavy obesity (ties). And word went out in his land to his parents in Cyprus that he had died in captivity. And much mourning for him as a dead man, they began to pray and perform at the church services of remembrance for him, bringing many gifts for the performance of holy services.

And so it was four years before they prayed with faith and love for his soul, and behold, that man himself was released from bondage and came home. When his parents and siblings saw him, they were frightened, thinking that they saw a ghost, or that he had risen from the dead.

Much rejoicing at his sight, they told him that they had prayed for him, and that three times a year they made remembrance at church for his soul. And their son asked his parents what day they were remembering him. And they answered that on the day of the Lord's Baptism, Easter and Pentecost. And when he heard these things, he remembered that in those days, when he was in prison, a man with a torch was coming. And when she approached him, the straps fell from her feet and he became free. Thus, through their prayers, that slave was finally released.

In the same way, prayers and alms for the sleeping ones untie the guarded ones who spend in hell, far from God and suffer a lot. All we have to do is pass the sleeping on a gravestone and give it to the church, every Sunday, or more often than not, with the belief that wherever they are, the sleeping will receive forgiveness from God and peace to their souls.

It is also known from the stories of the Holy Fathers that when the priest mentions those who fell asleep at Proscomidia, all those in hell can see each other face to face, and receive much light. Otherwise, they spend in the dark.

Dinosaurs Geopark "Ţara Haţegului", the indisputable proof that giant reptiles lived on the Romanian territory

Too little publicized, the Dinosaurs Geopark "Ţara Haţegului" is a territory with unique natural values, which proposes a time travel, until over 70 million years ago, because it is the only place that proves that in Romania, on the territory of the former Thetis Sea lived the dinosaurs, the giant reptiles that ruled the Earth in the Mesozoic era.

The paleontologists' researches were carried out in the Haţeg depression, at Râpa Roşie, Vinţu de Jos, Lancrăm, Oarda de Jos and Jibou, and the discoveries here attracted the attention of the international scientific community. Dinosaurs discovered in Ţara Hațegului are unique in the world due to the size and location of their living area, their attractiveness being increased by the fact that a fully preserved crocodile skull, many nests with eggs and dinosaur embryos, but also bones were brought to light here. of contemporary dinosaur mammals and a Mesozoic-era flying reptile, hitherto unknown (Hatzegopteryx), from the group of pterosaurs. All dating back about 80 million years. The fossils date from the Mesozoic, the last stage of the Cretaceous, the one in which the dinosaurs ruled the earth and were in maximum expansion and whose end marked their mysterious disappearance.

The flying dinosaur from the Red Rape

The largest representative of the Saurians discovered in Hațeg was baptized & # 8220Maghiarosaurus dacus& # 8221 and could reach up to 10 meters long although worldwide it is considered one of the smallest dinosaurs. But the discoveries do not stop here. Traces of Theropods living in herds, or of giant Cretaceous crocodiles, were also found.

Specimens of Telmatosaurs, peaceful herbivores, 2-3 meters long, with a snout and shorter front legs than the hind legs, were also identified. Struthiosaurus transylvanicus, an armored saurian with its back covered by thorns, then by Therapists, who were, however, carnivores or primitive mammals from the group of rodent tubercles, named by researchers Barbatodoni and Kogaiononi. But unique in the world is the discovery of the flying reptile Hatzegopteryx thambema, as the researchers called it, nicknamed the "flying monster". It was a huge flying reptile with a wingspan of 12 meters and a beaked head measuring three meters. The fossil of the flying saurian from Hațeg is apparently next to Quetzalcoatlus northropi, discovered 20 years ago in Texas, the largest pterosaur to ever live on Earth. However, their branch became inexplicably extinct 35 million years ago, leaving no heir behind. The mystery surrounding the existence of the great Saurians in the middle of the Transylvanian plateau is about to be clarified. The researchers' hypotheses to explain the small size of the Transylvanian dinosaurs are that of insularity & # 8211 according to which the limited food resources would have caused the decrease of the size and that of the vicariance & # 8211 which involves compensating or substituting one organ with another in the existence of unsurpassed as was the mountain range that closed the Transylvanian plateau.

Dinosaur Geopark "Tara Hateg", the indisputable proof that giant reptiles lived on the territory of Romania

Since 2005, the Dinosaurs Geopark "Țara Hațegului", created at the initiative of the University of Bucharest, is the only one in Romania with the status of member of the European Network and the Global Network of Geoparks. And since 2015 it has obtained the status of UNESCO site, as part of the UNESCO International Program for Geosciences and Geoparks. Those who arrive in the Geopark have the opportunity to discover models of dwarf dinosaurs, made with exceptional attention to detail by one of the most famous paleoartists in the world, the Canadian Brian Cooley, but also nests with fossilized dinosaur eggs. Also, a lot of interesting information about the past and present of the area can be found in six points of visit and interpretation: the exhibition "Dragons, dragons, dinosaurs" at the Geopark in Hațeg, the Center for Science and Art in General Berthelot, House of Volcanoes from Densuș commune, House of Miniatures from Totești commune, House of Dwarf Dinosaurs and House of Traditions from Sînpetru village, Sîntămăria Orlea commune, but also on thematic routes that can be covered on foot or by bicycle.

Once you've learned how to veganize a recipe, you can re-create any recipe, even if it contains dairy or animal products. Take a look at the recipe you want to veganize and figure out what ingredients need to be replaced. Now, take a look at this helpful substitute guide to decide which will work best for your recipe. Happy veganizer!

Note: Most varieties of sugar in the supermarket are not classified as vegan, so be sure to explicitly look for vegan sugar when baking with it.

Butter substitutes (or lard)

Butter offers a delicate texture and a rich, lush aroma for baked goods. Here are some of the most common substitutes for vegan baking.


Many & quotunt & quot vegetable products would, in fact, be classified as margarine. Originally created as a substitute for butter in the late 1800s, this spread is similar to butter, but instead of milk it is made with vegetable oils and hydrogenated or refined water. However, keep it on the label, as some margarines may contain traces of milk.

Margarine works similarly to baking butter, so you can use it in most recipes that require butter and in equal amounts.

Be sure to use margarine that contains at least 80% vegetable oil, as low-fat margarine will not do the same during baking.

Short vegetables

This is a solid fat that is 100% fat, unlike margarine or buttermilk. It is made from vegetable oils such as soybeans and cottonseed oil. The oil has been converted to a solid state by hydrogenation, so it can be sold as a solid dispersion in tubes (such as Crisco) or even formed into sticks. It can be changed in equal amounts for butter in recipes and works well in pastry crusts, cakes and pastries. The only downside is that shortening vegetables can be quite mild, so it's not the best choice for bakery products that rely on butter for their primary flavor, such as toast. For this reason, butter-flavored butter is also available.

Shortening of non-hydrogenated vegetables

Brands like Smart Balance create a healthier alternative to hydrogenated shortening. Made using a process that solidifies vegetable oil using natural saturates balanced with polyunsaturates from soybean and canola oils, this product avoids the hydrogenation process, which results in a higher level of saturated fats. However, not all non-hydrogenated runoff products are suitable for baking. In general, brands will sell "baking sticks" or specify on the packaging if the product is suitable for baking.

Coconut oil (or coconut butter)

Using coconut butter to create a vegan butter substitute can give a product that has superior flavor and texture. Here is a recipe for a vegan butter with coconut oil or, if you are in a meal, you can make a quick mixture of 3 parts coconut oil to 1 part water as a butter substitute (so 3/4 cup of coconut oil and 1/4 cup of water will replace 1 cup of butter).

Egg substitutes

Eggs play many important roles in baking, adding growth and acting as a binder. Depending on the main role that eggs play in the good in question, a different egg substitute may replace your needs. Here are some common choices for replacing baked eggs.

Egg substitute

Ounce for ounce, these are probably the easiest change of eggs. A popular brand, Ener-G, is made using a mixture of potato starch, tapioca and yeast ingredients. This unique combination of ingredients allows the substitute to play many roles in the egg: potatoes and tapioca will bind and add volume, and the addition will help increase ripe goods.

In particular, & quottofu & quot (the type that has a soft texture, almost like cream cheese) is suitable to replace eggs in bakery products, at a conversion of 1/4 canfu for 1 egg. It tastes quite weak and is an excellent binder. However, it does not provide upset, so it is more suitable for sweet or low-rise sweets, such as cheeses or cookies.


Over bananas (the best are the best) can be used for eggs in some recipes at a conversion of 1/4 cup of bananas for 1 egg. Like tofu, bananas are a fantastic binder, but they will not provide a lift, so they are better suited for confectionery products that will not require too much lifting or that already contain soup. In addition, bananas have a distinct flavor, so choose recipes that will be harmonious, such as oatmeal cookies, bread pudding and fast bread.

Apple sauce

At the same conversion of 1/4 cup of apples for an egg, this sweet can be changed for eggs into recipes. Like banana and tofu, it binds, but does not rise. Applesauce is not as heavy as tofu or bananas, so it will not make your bakery products as heavy, but it still works best in recipes that have a different form of flowering. It will also give an apple flavor, so recipes such as muffins, fast bread and cookies will work best.


These seeds are not just a healthy heart for melting oats. They can be used for vegan baking at a conversion rate of one tablespoon of flaxseed with three tablespoons of water for 1 egg. When the seeds are ground and mixed with water, the seed coating forms a gelatinous texture. This makes the soil seeds a good emulsifier, which will help give the bakery a superior texture. They have a slight nutty taste, so they will work well in recipes that contain whole wheat flour, oats or anything else that will benefit from a slightly & healthy, & quot.

Vinegar and baking powder

Remember how you made a volcano & quotex explode & quot by combining vinegar with baking powder? The same reaction can help increase the cake and is especially effective in creating light cakes. More information can be found on this help page with information on egg replacement.

Milk / cream substitutes

In baking, milk and cream provide texture, moisture and assist flour in the development of gluten. The cream is used to make cream, an unquestionably popular topping. These are some of the key substitutes we use for vegan baking.

Milk without milk

There is a wide variety of non-dairy milk on the market. Soy, rice, nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, etc.), hemp, oat or coconut milk can replace milk in any recipe, in equal amounts with milk. For best results, try to find a milk-free milk without added sweeteners, as any added sugar can throw away the texture and taste of a good ripe. Soy milk can also be made at home: here is a recipe.

Milk-free whipping cream

Milk without milk does not have the structure to create whipped cream, but everything can be done.

There are a variety of "vegan buffalo cream" products on the market, such as Rich Whip, which contain hydrogenated oil and sweetener. They are thick and will whip with a texture comparable to that of creams.

A popular (and luxurious decadent) substitute for whipped cream in vegan baking is coconut milk: here's a recipe.

You can create & quot; vegan & quot in the same way you would create milk. Add 1 teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice to 1 cup of non-dairy milk before adding it to the recipe. This will add the necessary acidity to help the baking powder bake and will give an excellent texture to the sweets.

Yogurt and melted cheese

A number of soy or non-soy yogurt substitutes, cheese and cream are available in stores. They can be exchanged in equal amounts for the yogurt or cheese required in the recipe.

Gelatin substitutes


This is a flavorless substance derived from seaweed that is sold in powder or flake form. Once ground and boiled with water, it turns into a thick gel. Sprayed agar can be substituted for gelatin powder in equal amounts.


Other seaweed, but it comes from Europe and North America. It settles softer than agar-agar, so it is more suitable for puddings and softer fillings.

Kosher gelatin

Many kosher jellies are vegan and can be exchanged for gelatin in equal amounts check the label for confirmation.

Agave nectar

This sweetener is derived from the agave plant, which looks but is not actually a cactus. It is a little more viscous than honey, but no less sweet, so it makes a fantastic substitute both in taste and texture.

Coconut nectar

Made from coconut milk, this liquid is reduced to a thick consistency. It will complement the honey texture, but not so tasteful. Use with bakery products, which will be harmonious with the flavor of coconut.


Honey is mainly used as a sweetener in recipes, but its sticky texture can help the ingredients adhere. Strictly speaking, honey is an animal product, making it vegetarian, but not vegan. Double check with the person you are cooking for, if the honey is okay in the diet regiment. Or, use a honey substitute.

Honey substitutes

Products such as & quotHonee (a bee-free honey substitute made from apples, sugar and lemon) can be used as straight honey substitutes and can also be used well on finished confectionery and cereals.

Now that you know how to veganize baking recipes, why not try these substitutes while whipping up some decadent chocolate cakes or a flake pie crust?

The Pit of the Marianas, a place of MYSTERIES. Terrifying phenomenon recorded at a depth of 11,000 meters

The pit is located about 2,000 km east of the Philippines and south of Guam. To the north the pit continues into the Bonin pit, which in turn continues further north into the pit of Japan. On January 23, 1960, the Marianas Pit was visited by Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh, who, after a descent with the Trieste bath lasted 4 hours and 48 minutes, reached a depth of 10916 m.

Following new measurements, it was found that the depth has increased in the meantime to 11,022 meters.

Terrifying noises

Terrifying noises were recorded by scientists in the Mariana Trench, the deepest depth on Earth, during research in the Pacific Ocean, according to Techo Buffalo.

Have you ever wondered what sounds are heard in the deepest and darkest depths of the ocean? During the ocean expedition to the Mariana Trench, scientists made a series of terrifying recordings at a depth of about 11,000 meters below the surface of the ocean.

Many people probably think that there is complete silence there, but they are wrong. The researchers sent a special capsule, a hydrophone, for 23 days to record the ambient noise.

When the mini-submersible returned to the surface, the discovery was terrible.

"The field of ambient noise is dominated by the sounds of earthquakes, so close and so far away, such as the distinct moans of whales and the noise of Category 4 typhoons that passed over the surface of the ocean," said Robert Dziak of the Administration National Atmospheric and Oceanic System (NOAA) in the United States.

The American expert explained that sound waves travel long distances in the Earth's oceans, so the recordings are difficult to make. But what was extremely difficult was to build a marine capsule that could withstand a pressure of 16,000 pounds per square inch (1,125 kgf / cm² or 1,103 bar-na), at a depth of about 11,000 meters below the ocean surface. .

Several recordings have been posted on the Internet, from the moans of whales to the frightening sounds caused by the roar of the Earth. The audio recordings of the earthquakes are particularly strange, because they sound terrible compared to those on the Earth's surface.

Scientists hope to return to the depths of the Marianas Pit for a new expedition in 2017, but this time for a longer period of time. They will then also benefit from a camera, which will take images from the deepest depths on Earth. The Mariana Trench is located in the western Pacific Ocean, in the vicinity of Japan, the Philippines and the islands of Papua New Guinea.

What was the route of Mihai Viteazul's skull?

În 1610, Gabriel Bathory, principe al Transilvaniei, prin modul său agresiv și atitudinea sa imorală, atacă și jefuiește mânăstirea. În 1930, domnul Țării Românești, Leon Tomșa a subordonat Mănăstirea Dealu Mănăstirii Iviron de la Muntele Athos.

Locașul de cult a fost atacat de otomani în 1738, iar peste mai bine de șase decenii, în anul 1802, biserica unde se aflau rămășițele lui Mihai Viteazul a suferit pagube însemnate.

Înscăunat ca domn al Țării Românești în februarie 1843, Gheorghe Bibescu a dat ordin ca Mănăstirea Dealu să fie restaurată, lucrările începând în 1845. Doi ani mai târziu mormintele domnitorilor Radu cel Mare și Mihai Viteazul au fost deschise, iar craniile acestora au fost așezate în două răclițe de sticlă pentru a putea fi văzute de pelerini.

În 1864, scriitorul Dimitrie Bolintineanu, devenit între timp Ministrul Cultelor, a pus la punct un proiect de aducere a rămășițelor la București, care din păcate nu s-a finalizat.

Cu banii strânși timp de trei ani, în 1904, Societatea Tinerimea Universitară schimbă racla de sticlă cu un relicvariu din bronz în formă de capelă. La sugestia lui Nicolae Iorga, care nu era de acord ca domnitorii să se odihnească în ceva așa mic, sculptorul Carol Storck a realizat două sarcofage din marmură albă pentru Radu cel Mare și Mihai Viteazul.

La 1912, doar mormântul lui Radu cel Mare a fost gata, motiv pentru care craniul lui Mihai se afla încă în chivotul arheologului Grigore Tocilescu.

Cu puțin timp înainte de izbucnirea Primului Război Mondial, în 1916, preotul C. Dolinescu de la Liceul Militar de pe lângă Mănăstirea Dealu duce craniul domnesc la Mitropolia Iași, însă nici aici nu rămâne pentru mult timp.

Pentru a fi ferit de profanarea raclei de către trupele germano-austro-ungare, valiza cu moaștele lui Mihai Viteazul nu a fost trimisă spre Rusia împreună cu restul Tezaurului, ci către Cherson (actuala Ucraina). Aici, pentru a nu fi depistată de către agenții bolșevici, craniul domnesc a fost ascuns într-o cutie de pălării.

În ziua de 8 noiembrie 1918, de Sf. Arhangheli Mihail şi Gavril, la Mitropolia Ortodoxă de la Iaşi s-a desfăşurat o mare sărbătoare privind comemorarea marelui voievod la care au participat Regele, regina, prinţul moştenitor, reprezentanţi civili şi militari ai Aliaţilor, precum şi o mulţime de români.

După terminarea războiului, la 22 august 1920, trenul regal, cu santinele militare, pornește de la Iași spre Târgoviște purtând capul marelui voievod român. La 26 august, ajunge, în sfârșit, la Târgoviște, unde este primit cu onoruri militare.

Așezat pe un afet tras de șase cai în salve de tun, muzici militare și sunet de clopote, cortegiul funerar urcă spre mănăstire, avându-l în frunte, mergând pe jos, pe însuși Regele Ferdinand.

După slujba religioasă ținută în fața bisericii mănăstirii, suveranul român a rostit un înflăcărat discurs, apoi și-a desprins de la piept insigna albastră a ordinului „Mihai Viteazul” și, în semn de mare respect, oașază pe craniul voievodului spunând: „Iată, ți-am împlinit pohta ce-ai pohtit!”, după care cimentează cu propria mână capacul de marmură albă al sarcofagului în care a fost depus Mihai.

Loviturile la cap si cucuiele: cand trebuie sa mergem la medic

Loviturile la cap si cucuiele pot fi inofensive, insa in aceeasi masura pot fi si periculoase &ndash depinde de gravitatea leziunii. In unele cazuri, o compresa cu gheata este singura masura pe care trebuie sa o iei, insa exista si situatii in care e necesar sa apelezi la medic. Iata cum iti dai seama daca lovitura la cap este una ce poate fi neglijata sau, dimpotriva, este grava.

O lovitura la cap poate afecta doar scalpul, dar si craniul ori chiar creierul. Consecintele pornesc de la un banal si inofensiv cucui si pot ajunge pana la traumatisme cerebrale. Leziunile la nivelul capului pot fi inchise (n.r. craniul nu este afectat) sau deschise (n.r. implica spargerea capului).

Este destul de dificil de diferentiat o leziune la nivelul capului, de aceea e indicat sa apelam la medic in cele mai multe cazuri. Asta pentru ca o leziune aparent minora poate cauza hemoragii la nivel cerebral, in timp ce o lovitura mai grava la cap poate sa nu declanseze sangerari deloc. Sfatul medicilor este sa luam orice lovitura la cap in serios si sa apelam la un consult de specialitate pentru a evalua gravitatea acesteia.

Loviturile la cap sunt provocate in doua feluri:

  • Prin izbire (accident rutier, cazatura, sport de contact, agresiune fizica)
  • Prin zguduire (sunt mai des intalnite in randul copiilor foarte mici).

Craniul are capacitatea de a proteja creierul in caz de lovituri, insa exista situatii in care protectia oferita de craniu nu este suficienta, iar creierul este afectat.

Consecintele loviturii la cap

Cucuiul (hematomul) &ndash cucuiul este cea mai inofensiva consecinta a loviturii la cap. Cucuiul este o umflatura, care apare din cauza acumularii de sange intre craniu si piele. Din fericire, acesta se retrage in cateva zile si nu exista urmari mai grave. Acumularea de sange in afara vaselor de sange poate fi periculoasa daca hematomul se formeaza la nivelul creierului. Asta pentru ca va creste presiunea intracraniana, care la randul ei poate determina pierderea cunostintei sau leziuni cerebrale permanente.

Hemoragia &ndash sangerarea necontrolata cauzata de o lovitura la cap poate fi declansata atat in jurul creierul, cat si in interiorul tesuturilor creierului. Daca hemoragia are loc in jurul creierului, durerile de cap si varsaturile sunt primele semne.

Contuzia &ndash contuzia apare atunci cand lovitura la cap este foarte severa si exista leziuni cerebrale. In general, contuziile au loc atunci cand craniul este lovit de o suprafata tare, cu o putere destul de mare. Daunele produse de o contuzie sunt de regula temporare, insa daca este vorba despre contuzii repetate pot aparea daunele cerebrale permanente.

Edemul &ndash orice leziune la nivelul creierului poate cauza edem. Daca vorbim despre umflarea tesuturilor din jurul creierului, nu este foarte grav, insa daca tesuturile creierului sunt cele umflate, se creeaza o presiune intracraniana marita.

Fracturi craniene &ndash spre deosebire de alte oase din corp, craniul nu are maduva osoasa, de aceea este foarte puternic si greu de spart. Insa atunci cand craniul este fracturat, riscul de leziuni la nivelul creierului este foarte mare.

Leziune axonala difuza &ndash aceasta leziune apare atunci cand lovitura la cap nu a declansat sangerari, insa a provocat daune la nivelul celulelor creierului. Acestea pot afecta serios functionarea creierului. Daca apare edemul, complicatiile sunt si mai grave. Cu toate ca nu este o consecinta vizibila a loviturii la cap, leziunea aceasta este una dintre cele mai periculoase, adesea cauzand daune cerebrale permanente, dar si deces.

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