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Slim Your Slice: Healthy Pizza Recipes

Slim Your Slice: Healthy Pizza Recipes

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Learn how to make your own healthy pizza and how to slash the calorie count of your next takeout pie


Prosciutto and Goat Cheese Pizza

If you auto-dial your local pizza joint once a week, you're not alone: 18 percent of Americans dive into a pie at least that often. The problem: Revised USDA guidelines single out pizza as the second highest source of saturated fat and third-highest source of sodium in the U.S. diet. But don't forgo this tasty and inexpensive meal option altogether. "The right toppings can transform a fattening grease bomb into a healthy meal," says Keri Gans, R.D., author of The Small Change Diet. Top a store-bought whole-wheat crust or cheese-less takeout pie with one of these waist-cinching combos instead.

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And the next time you eat out, try one of these calorie-shaving tricks:

  • Ask for your pizza to be made with half the usual amount of cheese. Save 85 calories per slice.
  • Opt for thin crust over the regular kind. Save 49 calories per slice.
  • Order a tomato pie (sauce only) and sprinkle your slice with one tablespoon of grated Parmesan cheese. Save 63 calories per slice.

Then, when you're weighing what toppings to get on your pizza, keep these per-slice calorie counts in mind:

Italian sausage: 44 calories

Bacon: 43 calories

Ground beef: 38 calories

Pepperoni: 30 calories

Chicken: 18 calories

Anchovies: 14 calories

Olives: 13 calories

Ham: 11 calories

Spinach, green peppers, roasted peppers, mushrooms, onions, or tomatoes: Fewer than 5 calories

— By Karen Ansel, R.D., Women’s Health

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9 Weight Watchers Pizza Recipes with SmartPoints – WW Freestyle

It is without a doubt that pizza is a crowd favorite all around the world – whether it be a comfort food or a celebration food. Of course, who wouldn’t like the addicting combination of that delicious crust, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and other delicious toppings? However, because of the said ingredients, a slice of pizza can already contain high in calories, sodium, and carbs. And if you are on a Weight Watchers diet, then you know to follow the smart points system on each food you take. And this includes your pizza cravings. It is no doubt that a traditional pizza can eat up almost all of your Smart Points for the day. Though Weight Watchers pizza points can equal up to 16 per slice, you can make smart topping and crust choices to bring that number down to five. This means that if you are craving for some pizza slices, then your best option will be to make one on your own!

hen making homemade pizza, the nutrient content can be boosted by adding nutrient-dense toppings like veggies and healthy proteins such as grilled chicken. And what’s more is you have control of the number of ingredients which go into your pizza!

First off, you can greatly reduce calories and sodium by making a thinner crust instead of a normal or stuffed crust. And to be sure health-wise, it is always safe to try a whole-grain crust or gluten-free flours instead as it can boost fiber content.

For sauce, you can top your pizza with unsweetened sauce or a traditional red sauce which is rich in vitamins A and C.

For cheese, it is good to note that not all cheese is created equal so it’s best to choose those that have lower calories and reduced-fat options such as goat cheese or crumbled feta.

Lastly, for the toppings, you will never go wrong with veggies as they are high in fiber and various vitamins. You can also add your lean meats such as chicken, ham, or lean ground beef but make sure to limit the volume.

Healthy Pizza: 4 Ways to Slim Down Your Slice

Pizza doesn&rsquot have to be a carb-heavy, diet-wrecking enemy. Here, Papa Murphy's chef shares tips for making your pie healthier.

Pizza has a reputation as a carb-heavy (and diet-wrecking) party food. But the stats vary wildly from slice to slice. In fact, Papa Murphy&aposs, the "take and bake" pizza chain, recently unveiled two new flavors of their Gourmet Delite line, Angus Steak, and Roasted Garlic and Spicy Fennel Sausage, proving that you can have a slice filled with flavorful toppings for under 250 calories. We had a chance to sit down with Michael Miyahara, corporate chef for the chain, to get his advice for waistline-friendly pizza, whether you&aposre baking a pie at home or ordering at the pizzeria.

1. Roll out your dough. A cracker-thin crust not only cuts calories, it also allows your toppings to truly shine.

2. Trim the cheese. Even reducing 25 percent of the cheese will really lower the calories and fat in each slice, but it&aposs a small enough cut that you&aposll barely even notice a taste difference. And if you&aposve used a thinner crust, you need less cheese anyway (too much will weigh it down).

3. Pile on the veggies. Choosing good-for-you toppings will tip your slice towards healthy. Plus, it&aposll make each slice more filling, so you&aposll eat fewer pieces overall.

4. Don&apost be afraid to customize. Order your pizza thin crust, ask for less cheese and more vegetables, and even request whole wheat dough-more and more shops offer it. If there&aposs a healthy combo you want but don&apost see on the menu, ask your server if the chef is willing to make substitutions.

Deliciously Healthy Pizza With No Carb

Are you on a low carb diet, but have been craving pizza? No matter which way you slice it, there is just a special place for pizza in our hearts. Gooey mozzarella cheese, yummy crust, tasty pepperoni and that bubbling sauce makes us hungry anytime we think of pizza. If you have a low-carb lifestyle or are simply looking to avoid carb due to all the ill health effects associated with it, then the choice of foods you have is limited. In fact I should say the choice of delicious foods you have is limited.

One serving of pizza contains at least 40 grams of carbs and that is way too much, especially if you are on a carb restriction diet. But did you know you could enjoy a deliciously yummy version of pizza without carb? Yes it is possible with our new recipe.

With this recipe, you have the freedom to enjoy the most delicious food on earth without the guilt of packing lots of calories. This is perfect for anyone who is looking to lose weight or eat healthy. This is an interesting recipe too because the crust is nothing like a traditional crust. It is not crispy, but it is still yummy. The crust has all the goodness of cream cheese, parmesan cheese and fresh herbs.

We have kept the topping healthy and interesting too. The marinara sauce was an excellent base for the delicious toppings. The best part about this sauce is that it does not contain sugar. It is made from tomatoes and a range of herbs, onions and spices. It is a healthy alternative to the regular pizza sauces available in supermarkets. Depending on what your taste buds prefer, you can alter the toppings. Add or remove whatever you want and the result will still be as flavourful as the original thing.

Keep in mind that the crust will be soft so you may have to enjoy it with a fork just like you would enjoy a tasty casserole dish.

Deliciously Healthy Pizza With No Carb December 30, 2014 Ingredients:

More Easy Healthy Recipes for Pizza with Weight Watchers SmartPoints

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More Popular Recipes for Weight Watchers

*PointsPlus® and SmartPoints® calculated by Simple Nourished Living Not endorsed by Weight Watchers International, Inc. All recipe ingredients except optional items included in determining nutritional estimates. SmartPoints® values calculated WITHOUT each plan's ZeroPoint Foods (Green plan, Blue plan, Purple plan) using the WW Recipe Builder.

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A longtime lifetime WW at goal, she is committed to balancing her love of food and desire to stay slim while savoring life and helping others do the same.

A huge fan of the slow cooker and confessed cookbook addict, when she's not experimenting in the kitchen, you're likely to find Martha on her yoga mat.

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Preheat oven. Preheat oven to 450ºF and lightly brush oil onto a pizza stone or large baking sheet. Place dough on top of stone or pan.

Add the sauce to the dough. Brush olive oil on top of dough, then sprinkle all over with garlic cloves. Then lightly spread sauce on top using the back of a spoon.

Add toppings. Top with sliced mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, chicken and mozzarella.

Bake in oven. Bake in the oven until crust is golden brown, about 10-15 minutes. I recommend checking on it at the 10 minute mark to ensure it doesn’t burn.

Top and serve! Remove from oven and top with fresh arugula and balsamic glaze if preferred. Slice using a pizza cutter and serve!

  1. Preheat the broiler.
  2. Heat the butter in a large nonstick pan.
  3. When the butter is fully melted, season the eggs with salt and pepper, then add to the pan, along with the ham strips.
  4. Cook, using a wooden spoon or rubber spatula to keep stirring the eggs as they set.
  5. Remove the pan from the heat about 30 seconds before the eggs are fully done (they'll continue to cook in the pan and in the oven).
  6. Slather each English muffin half with a good spoonful of salsa.
  7. Divide the eggs among the English muffins, then top with the cheese.
  8. Place all the English muffins on a baking sheet and broil (6" from the heat is ideal) until the cheese is fully melted and browned around the edges.

Eat This Tip

These individual pizzas have Mexican flavors at the base, but breakfast pizza can be interpreted in dozens of different ways. Here are a few other combinations (all include scrambled egg as part of the creation) that will get your day off to a rousing start. No more boring, basic eggs here!

This tasty 3-cheese garden vegetable pizza with whole wheat crust is a great example of how easy it is to make pizza that is healthy and delicious. I adapted it from The Pampered Chef.

It’s made with whole wheat pizza dough, reduced-fat cheese and loaded with lots of fresh vegetables. I used red bell peppers, onions, fresh Roma tomatoes and mushrooms, but most any combination of fresh vegetables will work.

Easy Healthy 3 Cheese Garden Vegetable Pizza with Whole Wheat Crust

Other great healthy vegetable topping choices include thinly sliced zucchini, fresh roughly chopped spinach, quartered artichoke hearts, roasted bell peppers and fresh corn. (One of the most delicious pizzas I ever had was topped with a combination of fresh tomatoes, fresh corn and basil.)

According to my calculations, each slice has about 158 calories and:

4 *SmartPoints (Green plan)
4 *SmartPoints (Blue plan)
4 *SmartPoints (Purple plan)
4 *PointsPlus (Old plan)

Curious about Weight Watchers new myWW Green , Blue and Purple plans? Watch this short video to learn more:

If you’ve made this Healthy Whole Wheat Veggie Pizza, please give the recipe a star rating below and leave a comment letting me know how you liked it. And stay in touch on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates.

How to Make It

Preheat oven to 450ºF. Sprinkle cornmeal evenly in bottom of a 10-inch cast-iron skillet. Stretch pizza dough to an 11-inch circle. Fit dough into bottom and up sides of skillet. Place skillet over medium-high heat on stovetop cook until bottom of crust is dry and beginning to brown (pull crust slightly away from side of skillet to peek at it), about 8 minutes. Remove from heat prick bottom of crust several times using a fork.

Spread marinara sauce over crust in skillet sprinkle with cheese and pepperoni. Brush crust edges with oil. Transfer to preheated oven bake until crust is golden and cheese is melted and beginning to brown, about 10 minutes. Let cool 5 minutes slice. If desired, garnish with crushed red pepper.

No-Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

This recipe was created for folks who can't help but sneak spoonfuls of raw cookie dough batter before it heads into the oven. That being said, I'm excited to share this no-bake recipe that's 100% safe to eat raw (no eggs lurking inside) and will most definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. Plus, it's made with healthy — and surprising — ingredients you probably already have stocked in your pantry.

Get the recipe here.

Joy Bauer's Zucchini Chips

These are addictive. Say hello to a delicious alternative to potato chips. They're light on calories but loaded with flavor and a satisfying crunch. This is an ideal way to take advantage of zucchini during their prime season, right now. The secret to getting them extra crispy is cooking them low and slow in a convection oven set on low heat for about an hour. Also, making sure you slice 'em nice and thin you can use a sharp knife or a mandolin if you're feeling fancy (just watch your fingers!). Move over spuds — there's a new chip in town.

For more tasty recipes, order Joy's new cookbook Joy Bauer's Superfood!

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