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Hurricane Matthew: Restaurant Closings and Event Cancellations in Charleston and Miami

Hurricane Matthew: Restaurant Closings and Event Cancellations in Charleston and Miami

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Some places are shuttering, while others are staying open

Hurricane Matthew is ravaging parts of the Atlantic coast, causing mass evacuations and closings.

In anticipation of Hurricane Matthew, events are being canceled or postponed, some restaurants are closing temporarily, and others are choosing to stay open.

Eater Charleston rounded up some restaurant and bar updates, which can be found here. Restaurants planning to stay open include Little Jack’s Tavern, Leon’s Oyster Shop, and Stereo 8. Zero George Street is closed through Sunday, McCrady’s Tavern will be closed Friday through the weekend, and Stars Rooftop and Grill Room will be closed until after the storm.

The Miami New Times detailed restaurant and food-related updates here. Antica Mare closed Thursday night and is set to reopen Friday; Fritz & Franz Bierhaus is set to continue its Oktoberfest celebrations with no cancellations; the Craft Spirits Festival planned for Oct. 6 has been postponed until Thursday, Oct. 13.; The Dutch plans to remain open; Lure Fishbar was closed Thursday and will reopen Friday; and VeritageMiami, a multi-day fundraiser for United Way, is postponing all events to the spring.

Watch the video: Hurricane Matthew makes landfall in South Carolina (June 2022).


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